About The Bureau

The Bureau of Business (The Bureau) is a national PR consulting and marketing management agency specialising in media relations, strategic partnership, communications, events and brand building. Responsible for fuelling conversations for pioneering brands, The Bureau produces results-driven media coverage, conscious collaborations and community growth programs for its clients – capturing the attention of both media and customer loyalists. 


We work with clients who want to drive new behaviour with ideas that inspire and empower. With so many small to medium sized businesses competing for share of voice, successful campaigns demand strategy, creativity and insight. At The Bureau, we excel at all three.


The Bureau is made up of three key areas that are designed to work creatively, efficiently and in a timely manner for your business or brand.


Public Relations
Our team is ready to work on both big and emerging brands. We have the ideas, the contacts and the know how to deliver programs that amplify your message and drive consumer action and response.


Our marketing engine room is dedicated to work with big and small brands for a vast array of marketing needs, from strategy and consultancy to social media and eDM distribution.


Digital and Design Content
Our digital and design content, create meaningful, clever and engaging assets for your business or brand that drives outcomes and actions. No big production overheads, just clever storytelling and design.


The Bureau’s unique tailored approach ensures your brand experience is fresh, contemporary and unique to your target audience. We take the time to research, plan, and execute all PR activity with the finest attention to detail ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked.


We believe one of your greatest assets is your brand. Then ask yourself, are you doing enough to tap into it to its true value?


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COMING SOON: Luxury and Lifestyle Blog

 Lifestyle  is The Bureau’s preeminent weekly blog. We cover matters of style with substance, and issues of substance with style


Lifestyle brings the latest in Luxury and Lifestyle brands in Australia and abroad in the form of a weekly blog – and soon to become an early trend watcher. Each week, The Bureau will cast its eye over all the latest stylish trends, and combines in-depth coverage of the very best designers and personalities, and luxury and lifestyle brands here and overseas.

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Inspiring Our Younger Generation

Supporting our young men and women to #befabulous

We are on a mission to inspire every young man and woman around the globe to reach their potential and overcome any form of adversity including bullying, ethnicity, gender inequality and religion – and achieve extraordinary things . But most of all, to #befabulous.


We are committed to bring #befabulous into our communities with our seasonal range of active wear.  To show your support, simply purchase an item and help us make a difference in your community.


With each item sold, 10% of the sale will be donated to The Reach Foundation – a not for profit organisation where their main focus is to empower young men and women to achieve extraordinary things. Visit the #befabulous Store . Click here



  • Be Fabulous

    Empowering our young generation of leaders to change the world and to  #befabulous.

  • Collaboration & Support

    Collaborating with clients to deliver customized strategies that deliver strong brands and  market growth.

  • Lifestyle

    Our premium Lifestyle blog covers matters of style with substance, and issues of substance with style.  

  • Thinking differently

    Building smarter strategies to bring brands to life.